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The Farmers


Ashley Rodgers- Farm Manager-

I grew up in Rochester Hills, Michigan and graduated from the College of Charleston with a BS in business administration with a concentration in finance.  While working in restaurants during college, I developed an interest in food and with a wide-eyed spirit to make a difference on the earth was led to Serenbe Farms in 2010 to apprentice with Paige and Justin.  It was here I fell in love with farming.  After my apprenticeship I built, including infrastructure, greenhouses, CSA and a farmers market, and then managed the organic vegetable production for White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GA.  In 2012 I began working on Planted Rock Farm, just down the road in Chattahoochee Hills.  Now my farming career truly comes full circle as manager of Serenbe Farms, and I am looking forward to growing more farmers! Outside of farming, being creative and creating things with my hands is what I enjoy most, whether its sewing, cooking,  building a table, or designing an herb garden.

2015 Apprentices-

Cale Hatch- Gainesville, GA

Grace Perry- Decatur, GA

Stephanie Berluti- New Haven, CT


Paige Witherington, previous farm manager (2006-2013) , and Justin Dansby- (2010-2013): Find Paige and Justin at Pitch Pine Farm, in North Carolina.

2014 Farm Apprentices-Under Farm Manger Ashley Rodgers:farmers

Jessica Legendre- Crew Leader at A Way of Life Farm, Bostic, NC

Ivy Ivers- Farm Apprentice at Moutoux Orchard, Virginia

David Kelly

Erica Coady

A few Serenbe Farms past apprentices under Paige and Justin’s tutelage:

Ryan Carnley (2013 apprentice)– farm manager White Oak Pastures organic vegetable farm

Maya Velasco (2011 and 2012 apprentice/assistant manager)–farmer, Cumberland Island.

Christine White (2012 apprentice)–farmer at Full Moon Farm

Ryan Graycheck (2011 apprentice)–farmer, Cumerland  Island

Ashley Rodgers (2010 apprentice)–farm manager Serenbe Farms!

Gretchen Weiher (2010 apprentice)–farmer in Ohio

John Ashley Davis (part time apprentice 2010)–farm manager Cosmos Organic Farm, East Point, GA

Natalie Sevin (2009 apprentice)–farm manager Sugar Creek Farm, Advance, NC

MK and Andrew Barnet (2008 apprentices)–farm owners and managers, Open Book Farm, Myersville, Maryland

Jack Matthews (2008 apprentice)–past farm manager, Full Moon Farm, now student at UGA

RJ Kessler (2007 apprentice)–farmer, Planted Rock Farm, Chattahoochee Hills, GA

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