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Farming Practices

Farming Practices


Composting picture taken by sara hopkins.

Because we believe in the health of our environment, our bodies, and our soils, we choose to grow organically, paying close attention to natural systems that aid in our production. We were first certified in 2004 by Quality Certification Services (QCS) and continue to renew our certification each year.

Our farm, like many in the South, was used for commodity cotton farming decades ago.   Our red clay subsoil is now the foundation for our agriculture today. Luckily with lots of love and organic matter, our soil is now full of life.

In addition to focusing on the biology and life of our soils, we pay attention to the balance of our nutrients and the mineral content. The health of our plants comes from the health of our soil. To enrich our soil, we pay attention to all of the trace minerals.

Serenbe Farms

Three organic methods that we live by include: composting, cover cropping, and crop rotation…the three C’s.


Cover cropping is the practice of growing rich green grasses and legumes for incorporation of organic matter back into the soil.

And crop rotation with vegetables and cover crops.  We rotate crops to disrupt the disease and pest cycle and to ensure that we’re not depleting the same nutrients year after year.

While soil is king on the farm, we also steward our land by utilizing drip irrigation and mulches to minimize our water usage and apply conservation tillage across the farm.

To learn more about our soil management and crop production, please visit our blog.

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